INFINIQ, Build Autonomous driving datasets with Singapore Defense Analyses institute

· AI project with South Korea data company and overseas defense research institutes is unusual ·From data sensor fusion to 3D Segmentation annotation · Great opportunity to Local AI company being recognized in the global market   It is great

자율주행 기술 스타트업 모라이, 20억 투자 유치
MORAI receives an additional US$1.8M through a Bridge Round of Financing

MORAI plans to reach out to international customers and partners, building on efforts earlier this year, in which the company completed multiple proof of concept programs, joined the Automated with Velodyne program in May, and opened a branch office in

AI 스타트업 인트플로우, 비접촉 축산개체관리 솔루션 '엣지팜 카우' 정식 출시
AI start-up, Inteflow officially launches non-contact Entity of Livestock management solution’Edge Farm Cow’

'Edge Farm Cow' provides object detection, identification, data collecting and processing through an artificial intelligence edge box connected with a camera the farm to provide 24 hours of activity, drinking water, food, and abnormal behavior for livestock farms. Through real-time

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