INFINIQ (CEO : Park Joon-hyung), a company specializing in artificial intelligence data and recognition technology, said that it was a participating company in the ICT SPRING 2020 online exhibition event held from September 15 to September 16, drawing a lot of attention among global B2B companies interested in the data field for AI learning, and successfully finished participating in the event.

The ICT SPRING 2020 event is a global Tech online exhibition organized by Luxembourg’s Farvest (a company hosting the global marketing, exhibition) that focuses on promoting emulation and networking among business decision makers, innovation managers, startups, researchers and venture capitalists around the world based in Europe.

Through the ICT SPRING 2020 event, INFINIC presented its capabilities to participating companies around the world such as automation technologies(AI-based non-identification, and automatic object detection technologies, etc.) and  AI learning data processing processes. Through this, INFINIQ announced that it was able to see enough potential to leap forward as a global data leader for AI learning beyond Korea.

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