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for Autonomous Driving

“INFINIQ is a specialized company of Data service for AI development & training”
We are providing all data services from data collection to annotation and inspection with annotation experts.

Our Service

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Outdoor Collection Device

INFINIQ increases data collection accuracy by defining various environments such as weather, weather, and road congestion before collection and various settings that meet customer requirements such as moving objects and pedestrians, signs, traffic lights, and structures.

outdoor collection vehicle

We use a dedicated vehicle to collecting data. Eleven RGB cameras, thermal cameras, and night vision cameras are each equipped to collect video data in all directions of 360 degrees. In particular, the status and status of the collection can be real-time monitoring through a separate installed stator vision. 


indoor data collect device






We operate a robot for indoor data collection.

It collects data for autonomous driving in shopping malls, public places, and convenience facilities.
It also provides index digital space information.

Our Solution

INFINIQ' Crowdsourcing annotation platform "MY CROWD
De-identification tech
Auto object detection

Crowdsourcing annotation platform "MY CROWD"


Auto Object Detection


Crowd-sourcing platform

For Data collection & annotation..

Algorithm for Partial face exposure, multiple person, occulated vehicles

Detect objects automatically to maximize

annotation efficiency