INFINIQ (CEO: Park Jun-hyung), a company specializing in artificial intelligence and machine learning data service, announced its establishment of an overseas sales and marketing headquarters in Luxemburg and participation in the CES 2021.


“Europe, in particular, is not only the world’s largest automobile market, but also equipped with autonomous driving infrastructures, such as the related research centers, universities, and professional human resources. We will increase investment efficiency and strengthen cooperation in R&D by actively forming networks and accumulating information.”

INFINIQ is a Korean company that provides various artificial intelligence data sets, such as vision, voice, and text, to companies that develop deep learning applications such as autonomous driving, medical AI, security AI, and face recognition solutions. Having collaborated with a number of global enterprises including Hyundai Motor Company, Qualcomm, and LG Electronics, INFINIQ has won recognition for its technological power in data collection and processing for artificial intelligence.

With the European headquarters as a base, INFINIQ will expand the scope of its business beyond Korea to the global autonomous driving data market. 

In particular, the European headquarters will be established inside Automotive Campus in Luxemburg, which supports research and innovation activities of automobile-related companies. It is anticipated that INFINIQ will be able to effectively establish sales and business networks with global automobile makers in countries around Europe, such as Germany, France, Sweden, and Italy.

At the CES, INFINIQ will focus on introducing “MYCROWD,” a cloud sourcing platform, and data service for autonomous driving. This platform provides automatic object recognition algorithms and annotation tools that can be effectively utilized by companies that need to build a dataset for autonomous driving. These automation technologies can contribute to improving the productivity and securing the quality of crowd workers around the world.

INFINIQ to Enter Global Market by Establishing European Sales Headquarters And Participating in CES 2021




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