INFINIQ Inc., the company specializes in AI learning data for autonomous driving has announced their participation in ‘HANNOVER MESSE 2021’ which will be hosted on-line from 12th April to 16th April (5 days).


This year is the 74th ‘German HANNOVER MESSE’. It is the world’s largest trade fair started in 1947 in Germany, the home of the manufacturing industry. Due to the impact of COVID-19, in this year, various countries’ cutting edge technology around the topic of ‘Industrial Transformation’ will be introduced via on-line.


There will be approximately 60 exhibition booths that will showcase Korean technology with the support of 4 organizations (KOAMI, Korea Association of Robot Industry, Korea Electronics Association, KOSMIA) as well as KOTRA, the Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency.


During the fair, INFINIQ will showcase data driven AI service and introduce ‘Mycrowd’. Mycrowd is a crowdsourcing platform to collect and process AI data with improved speed and efficiency by automation of annotation tasks with ‘Magic Fit’ or ‘Magic Pin’.

Last December, Infiniq established a European branch in Luxembourg and plans to expand its presence in the global market through participating in this trade fair.


Mr. Jun-Hyung Park, the CEO of Infiniq said, “With this year’s trade fair, we plan to focus on developing new overseas markets and expand our presence in the global market so that we can grow as an international market leader beyond a domestic company.”


In the meanwhile, Infiniq participated in ‘2021 AI EXPO Korea’ and provided AI business partnerships & collaborations projects as well as global market advancement consulting services. They all received favorable reviews.

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