· Top AI data company for Autonomous driving  

· Excellent technical skills, Autonomous data collection solution called ‘Collectera’ , and auto non-identification processing 

· Unmanned Store named ‘Ancco’ using VISION AI , Coming Soon!



Today we are excited to share the greatest news that build on INFINIQ’s mission to accelerate data driven AI business. 

We are officially announcing that INFINIQ had raised $11B from STIC Ventures, DSC investment and Korea Investment & Securities Co., Ltd.


This funding will be used to accelerate the technology for data drive AI, specialized in Autonomous driving.



Autonomous driving training data collection solution, called Collectera, is to aim to sort all type of data from various sensors such as Lidar, Radar, and other vision cameras and then complete De-identification with 100 x faster productivity compared to manual process.


Unmanned store solution Vision ‘Ancco’ using Vision AI


With the technology of vision recognition in autonomous driving industry, unmanned store operation solution, named Ancco will be launched soon this year.



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