· AI project with South Korea data company and overseas defense research institutes is unusual
·From data sensor fusion to 3D Segmentation annotation
· Great opportunity to Local AI company being recognized in the global market


It is great to state that some of AI companies in South Korea are well recognized and make big steps in the global market.

AI training data provider, INFINIQ successfully make a contact with Singapore Defense Analyses institute to build autonomous driving datasets this month.


2D ,  3D Lidar data Sensor Fusion


This project will be process for a year and Singapore defense analyses institute collect local data and INFINIQ will take part in 2D & 3D Lidar sensor fusion and data annotation for development of autonomous driving AI.

In Particular, 3D Segmentation annotation is a big part of constructing Autonomous driving data set and it is becoming more important.

Now it is time to show INFINIQ’s technologies and capabilities in global stage.


JunHyung Park (CEO of INFINIQ) /  Sven-Orjan Larsson (CEO of INFINIQ Europe)


“Looking ahead, We will continue to develop our products and service that address every phase of Autonomous driving AI development” said Mr Jun (CEO of INFINIQ)



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