INFINIQ, Build Autonomous driving datasets with Singapore Defense Analyses institute

· AI project with South Korea data company and overseas defense research institutes is unusual ·From data sensor fusion to 3D Segmentation annotation · Great opportunity to Local AI company being recognized in the global market   It is great

What is Data annotation?

Outline  The 4th industrial revolution is the next-generation industrial revolution made by the convergence of information and communication technology (ICT). It is one of most important industrial age after the Industrial Revolution in the 18th century. 1st industrial revolution 2nd

“Fruitful discussion” with Mr Franz Fayot, Luxembourg Minister of the Economy

· As establish Europe Office in Luxembourg last year, accelerate its full-fledged global advancement in training data for autonomous driving field · Participating in project of Autonomous driving solution and infrastructure by cooperating with government     Our CEO, Mr

INFINIQ raised $11B funding to grow its global market presence mission

· Top AI data company for Autonomous driving   · Excellent technical skills, Autonomous data collection solution called 'Collectera' , and auto non-identification processing  · Unmanned Store named 'Ancco' using VISION AI , Coming Soon!     Today we are excited

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