• If the product is already ready to provide , it can be delivered within 1 week after the contract.
  • In case of collecting/ processing new data , delivery date will be fixed in advance consultation between the two companies according to the quantity of data and difficulty level of processing .
  • Data-Hub has various SW and System considering the characteristic of data providing service and a superior Human Resource Pool compared to other companies. Therefore, we will comply with consumer’s demand schedule in the shortest period within realistic range.
  • Data-Hub’s Web-based management platfrom allows you to check current project status and process rate in real time.
  • If you make an initial request through the “Contact Us” or “Request a quotation” function on the homepage , you will be able to get respond quickly from assigned person.
    If you would like to have a quick consultation, please feel free to call us at the bottom right of the homepage at the real-time chat function or call us at 02-525-2202.
  • It is delivered in the way requested by the consumers or data can be transmitted in various forms such as API or server transmission (download) method and offline direct delivery method.
  • The format of the datasets will be disscussed in the prior meeting and we deal with customized data format from consumer’s needs in area of image/ voice/ text.
    Example) Image data – JSON data ( Changable according to consumer’s requirements.)